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If you’re looking for the standard in intelligent people screening to support decision making in your enterprise: global or local, Trustopia is the trusted intelligent standard

Trustopia enables enterprises make informed screening decisions about their people based on detailed, continuous real-time intelligence, giving them immediate access to an unrivalled choice of industry specific screening service options in-the-digital-box; each designed to enable businesses make better, safer people decisions – faster. 

When combined with existing on-boarding processes using Trustopia helps enterprises instantly minimise risks, including employee incompetence and damage to reputation.

Explore more about the industry sectors Trustopia empowers with its intelligent people screening every day.

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  • Construction

    The construction industry requires skilled manpower to ensure projects are completed on time and within regulations. Many businesses use contract and migrant workers who can prove harder to check.

  • Education

    Trustopia’s solution is essential for ensuring a safe environment for staff and students alike. It allows you to screen candidates, whilst deterring those that may be unsuitable.

  • Financial services

    Finance services are some of the most heavily regulated within the private sector. Due to the ease of access to personal customer data, many roles are subject to intense scrutiny

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare and medical professionals work directly with some of the most vulnerable people in society. It is imperative for your patients and visitors to know that they are in safe hands with a qualified and appropriately vetted specialist.

  • Hospitality

    Hotel and restaurant employees are the single biggest factor in ensuring that your guests have the positive experiences that result in glowing reviews, return visits and long-term success.

  • Legal services

    Employees working in legal services are required to be reliable, trustworthy and honest; with the qualifications to offer your clients the best legal advice. Law firms are often built on their reputation alone.

  • Professional services

    Using Trustopia for intelligent screening within the professional services industry provides essential pre-employment screening for a variety of occupations; from accountants, actuaries and consultants to business advisors and beyond.

  • Recruitment

    Screening new recruits is thorough and, if completed correctly, can be time consuming too.

  • Retail

    Use Trustopia to support your retail personnel screening, and we’ll provide you with an invaluable intelligent candidate screening solution for high street businesses and beyond.

  • Security

    Using Trustopia offers essential security clearance services, keeping businesses compliant with all regulations – easier, safer and faster.

  • Telco and IT

    Employees in the telecoms and IT sector are renowned for their wide range of skills and expertise. They often work on critical systems, and projects of varying scales, so it is vital to reduce the hazard of recruiting potentially risky candidates.

  • Transport

    Trustopia's intelligent people screening options are available for your entire workforce, not just your drivers.

  • Utilities

    The utilities sector employs highly-trained staff with specialised capabilities, alongside a high volume of call centre staff, who have access to large amounts of confidential customer data.


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