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The construction industry requires skilled manpower to ensure projects are completed on time and within regulations. Many businesses use contract and migrant workers who can prove harder to verify.

Trustopia provides a range of construction employee-screening options in-the-box that can be configured in minutes to automate screening for your entire workforce; including those working in: construction, design, maintenance and repair, manufacturing and head office.

The Trustopia intelligent screening platform will automate enterprise-wide screening compliance requirements including BPSS, Criminal Record, Right to Work, Airside ID & Pre-Employment checks in minutes, freeing you to make better, faster, more certain people decisions, every time.

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Trustopia's intelligent screening includes:

  • Global Identity verification

  • Global ID document validation with facial biometrics

  • UK BPSS & Airside standard checks

  • Occupational competence verification

  • Global criminal history verification

  • Professional memberships

  • Automated personal and professional referencing

  • Education history verification

  • Driver history checks

  • Social media profiling

  • And more…

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