Case Study

Global construction enterprise

Engaged by a global enterprise commercially stifled by outdated, time & resource intensive screening process & sub-optimal candidate journeys with high abandonment rates: Trustopia’s business values and its relentless pursuit of value for the customer demanded a full appreciation of the business context, process and technology needs of the hiring leadership.

The Solution: Configure Trustopia’s cloud-based, digital-first, in-house controlled screening process-as-a-service to enable global, full-service, end-to-end intelligent screening targeted at improving candidate experience, increasing compliance, scaling hiring capacity, improving productivity, removing friction & delivering contextualised levels of screening certainty & decision support, in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost. While it was immediately possible to neatly wrap Trustopia’s intelligent screening platform around existing functional screening processes out of the box: Trustopia process experts first facilitated a full process redesign for this client with configuration help to digitally embed Trustopia’s proprietary 4-step Capture, Authenticate, Decide and Audit in their new process suite.

The Deployment: Trustopia professional service team expertly configured the client’s entire suite of screening decision journey’s in just a few days to ensure the enterprise could realise value faster using Trustopia’s proven implementation methodology and in‑the‑box approach. Today, the enterprise is enjoying frictionless end-to-end digital screening of self-serving candidates 24/7 with little to no HR admin support required.

The Business impact: Trustopia’s intelligent screening platform has enabled this enterprise’s people decision-makers reclaim full in-house control of their pre-employment screening compliance, selection & security clearance processes, and deliver the most optimal, reliable, affordable and continuous end-to-end digital screening workflows possible for their enterprise; enabling enterprise employees and candidates engage with ease, get what they need, when they need it, how they expect it – fast, simple, easy, certain, safe.


  • 88% reduction in total £ cost of screening process
    excluding incalculable cost benefits in process automation, access to additional intelligence sources and identity certainty levels achieved

  • 99.99% reduction in end-to-end time to decision
    46 elapsed day manual process down to just 14 digital minutes

  • 100% of workforce meeting the intelligent screening standard
    with minimal to no support burden

  • 100% of non-value-added cost activities removed
    meaning zero manual data entry or queuing times

  • Full, in-house control of all screening variables restored

  • 100% of the real-world identities of their global candidate base being digitally validated, real-time

  • 92% improvement in candidate experience and conversion

  • Screening process capacity scalable on-demand to meet business need

  • Screening risk mitigated with the benefit of absolute certainty

  • Brand reputation protected with bank-level cyber security

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