The standard in intelligent people screening: fast, safe, certain

Trustopia: the cloud-based intelligent people screening solution that enables enterprise customers of every size to:

  • Choose the intelligent screening processes they need to use and control how they configure these, in real-time
  • Screen and verify almost anything, about anyone, anywhere across 180+ countries continuously with the user-friendly Trustopia cloud platform or mobile apps
  • Enjoy the confidence of near total accuracy with our facial recognition software
  • Verify the global identities of 4+Billion people in real time by leveraging data from postal records, global digital footprints, utility, social media, credit card and government data to criminal histories and much more
  • Validate 5000+ global ID document types to Border Force standard
  • Confirm Right to Work, Right to Reside, Right to Drive and more
  • Verify employment, criminal, travel, education, residential, driving or social media histories in seconds
  • Store data anywhere Amazon Web Services does – the globally recognised, secure and trusted platform.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing on-boarding processes and ATS suites
  • Save hundreds of weekly staff hours and associated costs
  • Improve user on-boarding experience
  • Enhance operational decision making, saving time and resources
  • Demonstrate to regulators how they have on-boarded their people after the fact

Whether your enterprise needs to digitise its entire people screening process suite, validate ID documents, verify identities or just about anything else; Trustopia has, an out-of-the-digital-box, intelligent people screening option that’s right for your enterprise; giving you the immediate power to run thousands of simultaneous people screening processes and free your people teams to make fast, safe, more certain screening decisions.

Discover more about how your enterprise can transform its people screening in minutes with the benefit of a Trustopia STANDARD, ENHANCED or BESPOKE intelligent people screening package

  • Trustopia STANDARD

    If you know what you need and your people screening processes are straight-forward: our ‘plug and play’ STANDARD option gives you everything you need to get started with intelligent screening, out of the digital box

  • Trustopia ENHANCED

    In addition to all the benefits of our STANDARD solution: Trustopia ENHANCED gives you the added benefit of the in-house configurability you need to deploy more intricate and personalised intelligent screening processes that go-beyond standard

  • Trustopia BESPOKE

    When you need expert help to redefine the way you make intelligent screening decisions, Trustopia BESPOKE is right for you. We'll configure and deploy your Trustopia intelligent people screening instance for you and sort the process challenges in no time


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