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Top employer screening challenges

Conducting employee screening processes can sometimes feel like tiptoeing through a minefield. Different industries come with their own complex screening requirement standards that if not met can not only increase reputational risk to the enterprise employer but the prospect also of considerable penalties in some cases.

Pre-employment screening isn’t just about determining whether a candidate has the right credentials for the job, it’s also about finding truthful and explicitly verified information about a person in an ethical and regulatory compliant manner.

Trustopia identifies the 4 main challenges of conducting a compliant and effective screening process to be:

1. Finding the right screening process for your industry

One of the key challenges of establishing a compliant and effective pre-employment screening process is finding the right policies or standards to follow. There are seven or so key employee screening checks most employers appear to regularly conduct.

For UK employers those are:

1. Right to work (compulsory £20,000 fine for not complying)
2. Criminal Record (DBS/Disclosure Scotland/Access NI) checks (compulsory depending on type of role and working environment)
3. Credit checks and advanced financial probity reports such as CCJ (compulsory typically only for legal and financial firms)
4. Driver Status checks with the DVLA (compulsory typically only for driving or automotive related jobs)
5. Previous employment referencing (legally only dates and job titles have to be confirmed)
6. Health & Well-being checks (compulsory typically only for jobs involving driving and manual tasks in a public environment, e.g. regular eye tests for truck drivers)
7. Proof of address confirmation (required under BPSS, and part of obtaining a DBS)
8. Social media checks (not compulsory by law)
9. Past employment and educational credential checks (not compulsory by law)

While these are the most common screening checks that many employers use to qualify candidates; in reality these often barely scrape the surface of the number of compulsory pre-employment and screening checks that some employers working within certain industries must comply with.

2. Implementing an effective pre-employment screening policy and process

It is usually the HR department’s responsibility to screen potential candidates and process employee information. The policies that define the HR departments screening processes often impact how quick or how slow the turnaround process of qualifying a candidate is.

Consequently, many employers fall into the trap of blaming a slow turnaround on the HR department or external factors. More often than not, it is the combined impact of the policies adopted by the organisation or those imposed by regulatory bodies together with the internal processes adopted that conspire to result in inevitable inefficiencies in the screening process.

3. Sourcing the right information

A key contributing factor to a slow pre-screening turnaround is sourcing the right information and ensuring that information is verified. Trustopia witnesses first-hand the growing complex requirements for candidate information in pre-employment screening regulations.

Companies working on Government contracts, such as construction projects are increasingly required to undertake rigorous candidate screening processes including the requirement to pass a full Baseline Personnel Security Standard check (BPSS check). Gathering and verifying data such as this can be a long and costly process for employers. Failure to do so can often lead to disruptions to the workforce and overall delivery of a project.

4. Choosing the right pre-screening partner

Pre-screening is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Traditional pre-screening vendors sometimes specialise in different industries or in a particular sub-set of screening process elements e.g Right to Work or DBS checks sometimes to the exclusion of other elements they may not supply services for.

The good news is

Trustopia’s all-in-one intelligent screening platform is disrupting these enterprise challenges by enabling its customer users everything required to painlessly and instantly automate, digitise and in-house manage all of their screening requirements, including integration of preferred 3rd party data sources, all through one brilliantly simple interface, straight out of the digital box.

Enterprise customers make better, faster, safer screening decisions every day because they choose Trustopia: the secure end-to-end intelligent people screening ecosystem designed by the best minds, enabled by the best technologies and powered by the best intelligence community the world can offer.

And better still, if you haven’t got the time to configure your needs: we’ll configure and deploy your Trustopia intelligent people screening instance for you and sort the process challenges in no time so you can be freed up to make better screening decisions.

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Author: Ronan Smith, Founder

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